Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order a SUBWAY®

The new SUBWAY® Collection and Delivery website is simple and easy to navigate. In just a few clicks your order will be completed, just the way you like it, and fully trained Sandwich Artists™ will ensure your order is made to perfection, just before you need it.

Do I need to register before I can place an actual order?

Yes, because it is important to get your order to you just as you want it! However, feel free to browse through the online menu first without the need to register. Once you know what you want, when you complete the order, you can create an account very quickly using a Social Network, i.e. Facebook, or create a username and password if you wish. But don’t worry, registration is quick and there aren’t many questions. Remember, you’ll only need to do this once.

Can I change my password?

Absolutely! In fact it is recommended. Anything that makes it easier for you to order your favourite SUBWAY® is just about the best thing you could do! Simply login, go to the Manage page and you will see an option for changing your password. Remember, passwords are case sensitive so ensure your caps lock is off (or on if you prefer)! It is really that easy! You can also connect a Social Network if you haven't already done so.

What If I forget my password?

Not to worry! You will be sent a reminder by email. Just click on the link and the system will do the rest!

Can I order Platters online as well as Subs?

Yes you can. But some stores have a longer order time to prepare your order or sell Platters on a seperate virtual store which may have different opening hours.

I would like to change the subs in the platter. Is that possible?

SUBWAY® Platter selections are made up of a variety of the most delicious and popular subs. The aim is to offer the widest selection possible at the best possible price. Unfortunately, it is not possible to make any changes to the types of subs in each platter when ordering online. But surely you’ll agree they are tasty!

Do all SUBWAY® stores offer delivery?

Not all stores deliver, but most will, but some may only deliver Platters.

What is the earliest I can have my SUBWAY® delivered?

All stores offer different delivery times, check on the stores home page.

What is the earliest I can have my SUBWAY® available for in-store collection?

All stores offer different collection times, check on the stores Collection home page.

Can I choose the ingredients in the platter?

You can change the Salad Items you have on the subs, but they will apply to all of the subs in the platter, you can choose the breads for each sub, or keep to the formula.

Can I choose what sauce goes with my order?

Yes you can choose the sauces that are placed on your Subs, but they are normally limited to a maximum of 3.

Can I choose the breads?

Yes you can choose the breads on any Sub or KidsPak and in the Platters.

Can customers choose a different type of cheese with their order?

Yes, if the store has additional cheeses available, they can be chosen, otherwise it's Sliced Cheese on Subs and Grated Cheese on Salads.

I don’t like cheese. Do I have to have cheese?

No, of course not. You can opt to have No cheese on your Subs if you don't want it. The same applies to Cheese on a Salad, don't want it, don't have it!

How do I pay for my order?

Orders made online must be paid online either by Credit/Debit card or PayPal. Some stores offer Cash on Delivery / Collection. All payment processes are secure. The Credit/Debit card payment service are provided by PayPal or WorldPay. Your card details are not stored with us when you make a payment.

What times do stores deliver?

All stores offer different delivery times, check on the stores home page.

Is there a delivery charge?

All stores have different delivery charges. Most stores offer Free delivery over a specified amount, see the Stores home page for details.

Can I choose a different store after I register?

Of course! You register once with the site, at the time of your delivery or collection you can choose the store then. All your details can be easily changed. Just click on the Manage tab and make any changes necessary.

Will I be able to print a receipt after I place my order?

After you finalize your order you can print a confirmation for your records. You will also be sent an email with the confirmation of your order for your peace of mind. On delivery or collection you will receive your VAT receipt. And remember, all your orders are saved on the website and you can refer to them whenever you login.

Can I cancel my order?

We'd prefer it if you didn't! But if you need to cancel the order, visit the store's home page for the telephone number of the store to contact them.

What do I do if I have any problems?

You can call the store you order from directly. Their phone number is on store's home page along with the confirmation email you receive after they've accepted your order. Just give them a ring and they will endeavour to help you with your problem.

Can I collect SubCard points from orders made through the SUBWAY® Collection and Delivery website?

Unfortunately, at this point in time orders made through the SUBWAY® Collection and Delivery website are not eligible to receive points through the SubCard Programme.